What's the easiest way to get icons into your projects?

How about 90 icons in 2 formats that you can use forever... for 1 price.

An embeddable @font-face you can use to get instant icons on any webpage. No extreme tags or markup.

The full set of vector icons ready to customize for any project: web, print, motion, whatever.

Put @font-face optimized icons into your website or app instantly, or customize the vectors to fit your needs - either way, you’ve just saved a lot of time.

What You'll Get

The Icons.

The Contents.

A @font-face kit with all the common embedding types (Truetype, EOT, SVG, WOFF) that you can add to your project in minutes. Hit a key, get an icon that’s sized to match the characters it’s with.

A sheet of vector icons that can be transformed, skewed and remixed to do what you need them to do. Use them in any situation, digital or traditional - no holds barred.

A handy cheat-sheet that lays out exactly what key makes what icon. Refer to it on your computer, or make a hard-copy to keep handy.

Still have a few questions? E-mail hello@tipogram.com or talk on Twitter with @tipogram.